Got Milk

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Do you remember the commercial? The telltale “milk mustache” on the lips of whoever they pictured as evidence that they indeed “got milk?” And through that contented looking milk mustache to just maybe make you start craving a drink of it? After all, “milk does a body good” – right?

“Grace, mercy and peace be to you from God, our Father, and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” These words, or something close to them, are used again and again throughout the New Testament. Grace. Mercy. Peace…And I might add JOY… and HOPE as well. These are like the “milk mustache” of the commercial. Do you have them in your life? Got grace?... Got mercy?.. Got peace?... Got joy?... Got hope?...

Or, perhaps a better question is, “Where do you especially need them right now in your life?” And does it make you “thirsty” to think about it?

These are the things that God would give to you in Jesus as a free gift; To receive and to live in and to give away. This is our focus in the next few weeks.  So, take a deep breath and slowly let it out…and come rest  - and grow – in these things. And if you know someone else that could use these things in their life, bring them along with you – there’s always enough for one more! For these are the gifts of Jesus offered to all!

Sat/Sun. June 22nd/23rd           Grace To You

Grace. The word means undeserved love. Love that is not earned. Love that is given. Love that you can rest in because it does not depend on you and what you do but rather the heart of another. Where have you received grace in your life? Where do you need to receive it in your life right now? And where do you have the opportunity to give it to another? For this is a gift from God to you in Jesus and a gift you can give away! So, bring a friend and come take a long rest in the grace of Jesus!

Sat./Sun. June 29th/30th         Mercy To You

Are you old enough to remember Mr. T? Do you remember the line he made famous?....”Pity the poor fool!” To be merciful is to be full of pity towards another. To give mercy is to act from this heart of pity (sympathetic sorrow and compassion) for another. God looks at you – and each of us in our brokenness and struggles and failures and weakness – with a heart full of mercy, a heart full of pity, a heart full of sympathetic sorrow and compassion. This is what we focus on today. Where do you need this in your life? Where is there another to whom you could show mercy? Bring them along so you both might experience the mercy of God today!

Sat./Sun. July 6th/7th           Peace To You

Amid the cacophony  - the noise – of life, where do you go to find a little peace? …and how’s that working for you? And how do you try to help another who is also looking for peace? And how’s that working? Peace is another gift that Jesus gives. Where do you need a little peace in your life? And where is there another who desperately needs someone like you to bring a little peace? Bring them with you today so you both might rest in the peace that Jesus brings!

Sat./Sun. July 13th/14th       Joy To You

Joy is more than, “Have a happy!” It goes beneath the surface to the soul, the essence of who one is. It is a transcendent happiness of the soul….which oozes into everything we are and do.. It also is a gift from Jesus to receive and to give away. Where is there a shadow over your soul? …an emptiness that cannot be filled? This day is for you…and for that other one who you bring as well.

Sat./Sun. July 20th/21st        Hope To You

Have you ever heard the phrase, “something got lost in the translation?” I feel that way when we talk about the Hope that comes from Jesus as a gift. We tend to think of hope almost as a “wish”- “I hope that happens.” Biblical hope is absolute CERTAINTY! Where are you living with great doubts and uncertainty? And how’s that working for you? And where is there another in your life that is also experiencing great uncertainty – and how’s it working for them? This day is for you…and for that one who you bring!