L.I.F.E. groups are small groups which typically meet in homes, coffee shops, and restaurants. Members of a L.I.F.E. group share their lives with one another in a non-threatening environment, support and pray for one another, grow in Christ through His Word, the Bible, and look to be active and empowered in the mission Christ has given us.

L.I.F.E. groups are open to all, usually meeting twice a month from roughly September through May, though some have chosen to meet also through the summer.

The acronym LIFE Groups will be used to describe our Small Groups. The reason for this is that it explains so well what we hope and pray will occur in our Small Groups...



Getting together around God’s Word, the Bible, is the focal point of a LIFE Group. The goal, however, is not only to gain knowledge about the Bible, but to become more like Jesus, living the new life God gives. LIFE Groups transform your life as God’s Word is powerfully applied to our lives through the “mutual consolation of the saints.”

Intercession (Prayer)

Your LIFE Group is a place where you can take time to pray – and be prayed for—as you share your lives with one another. But you don’t have to worry about praying out loud. The point of prayer in your group is to remember each other and to support each other in your journey of faith.


Being in a LIFE Group means that you get to experience the sharing of your lives through quality conversation, fun, and meaningful time together. It’s a place where you can know others and be known, love others and be loved, accept others and be accepted. It’s a place where God may lead you to serve Him in missional ways.


Your fellow group members are there to encourage you in your walk of faith. It’s a place where you can find accountability, support and guidance. It’s also a safe and warm place where you can invite friends and family to get a first taste of what the church is all about.

L.I.F.E. Groups allow you to have a place where you can live out the total life of a follower of Jesus. Your Group can serve you, finally, as an anchor point for your walk with God.