St. Matthew exists to



We are committed to following Jesus...

UP » relationship with God through inspirational worship and spiritual disciplines

IN » relationship with one another through small groups

OUT » relationship with our community through missional living



  • We believe the Bible is the true Word of God.

  • We reach people through relationships: The best way to meet people’s needs and lead them to Christ is through one-on-one relationships.

  • We make disciples who make disciples

  • We offer inspirational worship: We offer styles of music and worship, combined with practical teaching helpful applications from God’s Word.

  • We work to make our community a better place: We consistently look for new ways to live missionally in our community. (Our community is defined as the greater Sacramento area, California, United States and the world.)

  • We disciple each other through small groups: LIFE groups are the best context for spiritual growth and life change in individuals.

  • We foster a climate of grace: We offer friendliness and unconditional love at our church. This is a safe place to discover the promises of God.


Loving all people in His Name
In the Triune God-the loving Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who wants all people to have life with Him through faith in Jesus.

Sharing Jesus
In Jesus Christ as the world’s only Savior (God created us in His image, for perfect relationship with him and through Him with one another. But sin has separated us from God and from one another. Jesus restores us in this relationship.)

Biblical Learning & Transformed Lives
In the Bible as being God’s inspired, true Word to all people through which He reveals Himself and His will to all, the Holy Spirit working through this Word to convict people of sin and bring them into a faith relationship with Jesus Christ through which alone we have life with God.


Baptism & Holy Communion
That Baptism and Holy Communion, through the Word (the promise) of God, which is tied to them, are also means through which the Holy Spirit works to give, seal and strengthen faith, empowering people to do good and loving works.

Joyful Worship & Acts of love
That the purpose of our lives is to worship God in all things, and to share His love in fellowship with each other and in acts of loving service to all.

The Family of Christ & Missional Servants
The church is one body of believers in Christ, established by God through His Word and Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion) to accomplish His work in the world.

St. Matthew is a part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. For more information, visit...