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After one of the first Super Bowls that Tom Brady won, feeling the “is this all there is?”  downside after reaching the pinnacle of his dreams, he talked about the “let down” he felt in the midst of his victory. 

No matter what, somehow, we know there is “more.” Do you feel it? Do you sense the emptiness?....the longing for something….more? Just a few days ago, we heard God’s gentle, overpowering Easter witness that there is something more. And through the Easter reality God offers it to us as a gift!

But what can this mean for us in our lives right now? Jesus said he came that “we might have life and have it to the full!” The entire ministry of Jesus we see Him bringing this “fullness” to those around Him. But what does this mean for us right now?  Certainly, this means that He would somehow fill our longing that there is something more, doesn’t it? In the next few weeks, this is what we are going to explore. Using one Easter appearance of Jesus after another, we will explore living in the “More” given in the Jesus of Easter. There is more and Jesus wants you to experience it!

Sat./Sun. April 27th/28th               More: You Matter…No Matter What!  (The Value of One)

One. It can have many meanings. One penny….kind of worthless. One day…nice but it’s only one, not worth much. One meal….one of many, no great meaning. One Mona Lisa….priceless, a unique treasure. Tell me, how do you view yourself?...what kind of “one?” And more importantly, how do you think God views you?...And what difference does it make? It’s what we look at today in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. May 4th/5th                    More: You Matter…No Matter What!   (The Apple of God’s Eye)

When one of my sons was young – I honestly can’t remember which one – I caught him red handed doing what he knew he should not be doing….And he looked so cute with those guilty eyes I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and love him even more. Oh, we talked about it….it was the right thing to do, but from the place of love, because it’s all I had at that moment. Can you relate? Tell me, do you think God loves you any less? It’s what we’re talking about today in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. May 11th/12th                         More: You Belong     (Do You See It?)

I had a great friend in High School and College. His name was Jim. I named one of my sons after him. I remember dropping by his house once to drop something off and they had just sat down to dinner.  I tried to make a quick exit (feeling like I didn’t belong), but his dad saw me, immediately welcomed me warmly, pulled up another chair to the dinner table, and before I could open my mouth had a plate of food in front of me. What do you think he was trying to say?...Maybe “you belong?”...”you’re part of the family?” It’s what we’re talking about today in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. May 18th/19th                        More: You Belong   (Let’s Eat!)

In the last few weeks, we have had various couples show the Executive Pastor – Discipleship candidates around the area and just connect with them. In one case, a couple with young children took them to the “every Sunday dinner” that they have as a family at the Grandparent’s home. When I met with the pastor and his family the next morning, they shared with me how meaningful it was. Tell me, why do you think this was so? It’s what we’re talking about today in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. May 25th/26th                More: Made To Make A Difference    (Sent!)

Purpose. Meaning. Mission. Reason for being. We are continually looking for these things in our lives, are we not? But how is this search working for you? Today is about these things given as a gift to us in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. June 1st/2nd                     More: Made To Make A Difference (Ascension Celebration)  (Commissioned!)

When my children were still fairly young I read a book entitled, “The Blessing.” What it talked about is that the greatest thing a father can give his children – and this is doubly so for his sons – is the message that they “have what it takes” for life. It changed the way I parented. Before this is was about me “doing” - being the best I could be - as a Christian father. After this, it was about what my children did and making sure they had the message that they had what it took to “do it.” This is what today is about for each of us in

Sat./Sun. June 8th/9th                                And ONE MORE!....(Pentecost Celebration)               (Empowered….Not Alone Ever!)

“Even youths grow tired and weary.” Is. 40:31 When is the last time you “ran out of steam” physically or emotionally or spiritually? And when have you felt alone in your powerlessness? The Easter reality is that we are never alone; And His power always goes with us! This is what today is about for each of us in Jesus!

Sat./Sun. June 15th/16th                        This is Our God! Trinity Sunday    (Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music!)

From Europe to China to South America to Rocklin, CA, Christians around the world are celebrating this Sunday as “Trinity Sunday” as they have for over a thousand years! Today we remember and celebrate who God is, who we are as His people, and the joy of what this means in our lives. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!