The Apostle's Creed


Where are you looking for something you can trust to live by? That’s what this series is about!!!

The Apostle’s Creed. No, it was not written by the Apostles. Rather, it is a short summation of the writings of the Apostles  - the New Testament – as the Holy Spirit gave them the words. It is a summation of who God is, what He did, and what this means for us.

And even though it does not date back to the Apostles, it has been around a long time. It was first used around 325AD in what is today modern France as a Baptism Creed. Why? Because it explained/declared/witnessed to this God in whose Name they were Baptized. It was a confession – a declaration, a witness of the faith.

But it is called a CREED. Think about that a minute. So often we think about a confession or CREED as simply a statement of what one believes. But a CREED is far more than that. It is something one lives by – isn’t it? When one was Baptized into the Name and reality of God, they were also saying, “this is the reality – the Creed – I will live by.” And for close to 1700 years, Christians to this very day have used these words -this CREED - to declare, “This is what I believe and this is the reality under which I will live my life!”

In the next few weeks we will focus on the eternal truths of the New Testament – written down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the Apostles – yet summarized in the Apostle’s Creed. We will not look at this CREED simply from the idea of WHAT – what we believe, the content of our faith – though, of course, this will be our beginning place. Rather, we will look at this ancient CREED for what it is – a CREED – something to touch our hearts and move our hands; something to live by!

Where are you looking for something you can trust to live by – Head, Heart, and Hands? That’s what this series is about!

Sat./Sun, Sept. 8th/9th     Origins 1: Who is God?  (Focus on Relationship!)

Origins. Beginnings. “Who God is” is the foundation of all beginnings. To know who God is gives us a window into who we are and really all reality. Everything – including ourselves - begins with God. Everything -including ourselves - comes from God. Where do you long to know, see, and live in the “big picture.” This is our focus today, Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Sept.15th/16th     Origins 2: The Creator God (Does it make a difference?)

A number of years ago I remember seeing in college a film of Dr. Leakey discovering “Lucy,” who at the time – since discredited - was held up as our “earliest ancestor.”  What I remember the most is the hushed, reverent, awe-filled tones used in the film, almost as if they were in worship, talking about our supposed origin as humans. Why would this be so since every one of these people would espouse a theory that says all of life only got here by chance and man is just another animal? Maybe it is because deep down we all know this isn’t true. Maybe deep down, in a place we can’t get away from, we understand our existence to be the stuff of awe and mystery…and it is! This is our focus today, Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Sept. 22nd/23rd     Jesus   (Who is he? What did he do?)

There are a number of short films where a “man on the street” approached is used as an interviewer and cameraperson ask people in a low-key way who they think Jesus is….or was. The answers span from “I don’t think he ever existed” to “He was a good man” to “He was a son of God” to “He was a prophet” to “He was THE Son of God.” Today this is our focus; Who he is. What he did. But not just to know in our heads…rather to know in our hearts and to live by. Jesus: Who he is. What he did. Head, Heart, and Hands! 

Sat./Sun, Sept. 29th/30th     Jesus   (What is he doing NOW?)

Now THIS is a GOOD question! Have you ever thought about it? How would you answer it? And what would be your basis for your answer? And can we ever know for sure? Or do we have to “put our brains on the shelf” and just speculate? Today, we focus on knowing for sure what Jesus is doing NOW and what this means for us; Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Oct.6th/7th      Jesus  (The Rest of the Story!)

Our society – and humankind in general seems fascinated by world doomsday scenarios. Just look at all the movies that have been made with this as the story! It’s as if we know it’s all got to end sometime. But have you noticed that these same movies always seem to have a hope for a tomorrow in them?...even if it’s for a few or on another planet? Why do you think this is so? Today it seems as if we focus on the opposite end of origins. And in a sense, we do as we focus on the other end of the timeline….the end. But maybe in Jesus this end becomes a new beginning. This is our focus today; Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Oct. 13th/14th     The Spirit  (Who is this guy?)

Have you ever had someone knock on your door whom you did not know? How much do you trust them when you first open the door? How about when you meet someone new in another way? Before we begin to trust someone we need to get to know them – right? Today we focus on “getting to know” the Holy Spirit so we can learn to trust Him more; Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Oct. 20th/21st     The Spirit (How does it all work?)

I know nothing about how a car engine works….BUT I know enough. I know enough to put gas in it. I know enough to put oil in it. I know enough to take it to the mechanic when the little lights come on. I know enough to turn the ignition key and I know enough to drive it. I can take full advantage of the car even though I honestly do not know how it all works; I just trust it works. So it is with the Holy Spirit. This is our focus today; Head, Heart, and Hands!

Sat./Sun, Oct. 27th, 28th      The Bottom Line: Grace!! (Reformation Day Celebration!!)

If you could take all of the letters in the words of the Apostle’s Creed and put them in a blender, the one word that would come out is GRACE. Five hundred years ago a man -Martin Luther - rediscovered this for it had been largely lost and most lived in a darkened world void of grace.  We – together with all Christians who know this God of grace – joyfully remember and celebrate this gift! Grace; Head, Heart, and Hands!