Christmas Stories


Have you ever seen one of those Christmas Hallmark movies? My mom loved those things! And to be honest, Jane and I used to curl up together and watch one of them every so often as well. Have you ever seen one? Every one of them is set during the time of the Christmas Holidays – as it is pictured in these movies, a kind of a “magic time,” a time when heaven and earth is moved so that love and romance can happen!

Each movie is a story about someone who has been touched by disappointment or tragedy in their lives but are having to face it alone (indeed, oftentimes the tragedy is being alone when they do not want to be alone!) – without that someone special who loves them - and who they love - and who will do life with them. The story is always about how that “special someone” comes into their life, and how, in the very special season of Christmas through situations and story lines that are at times almost magical, befitting the season, they are connected, fall in love, and by the end of the movie will live happily ever after! These movies are love stories - stories of love and joy and peace and hope – in the midst of a magical season where seemingly it can all happen! And we get to watch!

Tell me, why do you think we do – watch, that is? It seems to me it is because we all long for these kinds of stories in our lives and our world; stories of hope and love and peace and joy.  And during this time of Christmas we dare to hope it is possible, even if it is in a kind of “fairy-tale like” movie.

As we approach Christmas this year, we want to share some Christmas Stories with you, stories of hope and love and peace and joy, the kind of stories we all long after. But the most wonderful thing is that these stories are not Hallmark Movies. They are real. And they not only bring to you – your story - what we all long after, but they will also help you to bring these same things – hope and joy and peace and love into this real world…into the stories of those who are close to you as well as those who are farther away.

Merry Christmas!

Weekend of Dec. 1st/2nd    Stories of Hope That Won’t Let You Down (Merry Christmas!)

I remember one Christmas when I was hoping I would get my first bike….and I got it!...I remember another Christmas when I was hoping for a certain toy but all I got was clothes – hope dashed! How about you? Today we focus on stories of Christmas hope – a hope that will never let you down!

Weekend of Dec. 8th/9th     Stories of Love Shining Brightly (Merry Christmas!)

What do you remember the most about Christmas? Is it what you did or what you got or what you ate?...or who you were with?...Family, friends….people. People who loved you and showed you that love; and people for whom you did the same! Today we focus on stories of love shining bright for us at Christmas….and how our Christmas love can shine brightly on others.

Weekend of Dec. 15th/16th              Stories of Peace That will Last(Merry Christmas!)

This is an interesting time of year. We talk about it being “the holidays” – literally a time to slow down and “take a holiday” but we tend to fill our lives with more and more, with everything going faster and faster until finally we feel like we are missing whatever it is this season is all about!  Into the midst of the storm, God comes with His Christmas Peace…to receive and relax in….and to share.

Weekend of Dec. 22nd/23rd*         Stories of Joy …Released!  (Merry Christmas!)

Do you remember the story of Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?” Once the “spirit of Christmas” touched his heart, he could not contain his joy! He was so filled with joy it had to be released! Today we focus on stories of Christmas joy released…and how it can be released in our lives as well! JOY to the world!