This is Jesus


When I was in the 8th grade a friend and I slipped out of the house about 10pm to toilet paper the principal’s house (because we LIKED him!). We walked about two miles to his house, realized we had “hit it perfectly” because he was not home, and proceeded to masterfully cover everything with toilet paper. Just as we turned to go, a police car rolled up and there was no mercy. But as we were sitting in the back seat of the police car (you ever noticed there is no door handles in the back seat of a police car?) up walks my father. He had quietly followed us in the car to make sure we were ok! He then proceeds to have a laughing conversation with the police officers and soon we are in his car on the way home. That was my dad. He was ALWAYS there for us!

Have you ever told a story about your mom or dad or someone else to try to communicate what they are/were like and who they are/were? It’s what we do, isn’t it? It’s how we can communicate in ways that are powerful and hit the mark.

For instance, right now you know my father much better than if I had just said, “he was always there for us.”

And yet, there will always be questions…”how did he see us go?” “Why did he let us sit in the police car?” “What did he say to the policeman that was so funny…yet “freeing?” There is always questions, but the truth of the story still stands: “my dad was always there for us.”

In the next few weeks, we are going to look at some stories about Jesus in the Bible that were written so that we might really –intimately and personally – in the midst of the great mysteries and questions of our lives, know Him and who He is and what He does for us…for you.  THIS is JESUS!!...And even in the face of all the questions and mysteries of our lives, THIS STANDS!

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Saturday/Sunday, January 6th/7th   “He Is One Who Is King of All….My King!”(Coming of the Wisemen)

Mystery. Questions. They are always with us when it comes to Jesus. Yet, through them all this story is told to establish deep within us that Jesus is the King of all who has come to be our gracious king. THIS is Jesus!

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Saturday/Sunday, January 13th/14th         “He Is The One Who Forgives My Sins!”

Mystery. Questions. Deep down, each of us longs to be unconditionally loved and accepted. But what does this mean and who can do this for us so that we know it’s real, even with all the hard stuff we live through together with all the questions this brings?  Jesus can. It’s called the forgiveness of sins. It’s why He came. THIS is Jesus!

Saturday/Sunday, January 20th/21st     “He Is The One Who Meets My Needs”

Mystery. Questions. Where are you in need? Physically, relationally, provisionally, spiritually? Amidst the mystery and questions of life, where can you turn in complete confidence to have those needs met? And how can you be sure? At Thanksgiving everyone –religious or not – stops and remembers to be thankful for all they have. Why? Perhaps it is because every human being is acutely aware of the many variables including health and opportunity upon which hangs our ability to meet our needs. Perhaps, because finally, we are not the ones who meet are needs but rather it is Another who provides all things for us. THIS is Jesus!

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Sat./Sun., Jan. 27th/28th       “He is the One Who Understands My Temptation”

Mystery. Questions. In the intricacies, mysteries, and questions of life, where/how are you tempted to do what you should not do or to not do what you should? Is there one who really understands and can help in the multifaceted shadows of your personal struggles to do right? Yes. THIS is Jesus!

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Saturday/Sunday, February 3rd/4th         “He Is The One Who Calms My Fears”

Mystery. Questions. In the mystery and questions of life all of humankind seems to live in multi-faceted fear. It is different for each of us as each of us live through unique and different experiences. Yet, we all have fears. What fears reside in you? There is One who can calm them once and for all. THIS is Jesus!

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Sat./Sun., February 10th/11th        “He Directs My Path. He Secures My Eternity.”(The Transfiguration of Jesus)

Mystery. Questions. Have you ever heard the poem, “Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood?” The point is that the traveler has a decision to make – which way to go – and the choice will make “all the difference.” Is there one who can guide our lives in the “forks in the road?”…who can, amidst all the questions and mysteries, lead is in the path that “makes all the difference?” Yes! THIS is Jesus!