Unoffendable: A Better Way To Live

“How Just One Change Can Make All Of Life Better”

I know. I know. We live in a time when everyone is trying to tell you they can make your life better. All one has to do is go to a bookstore or perhaps google “self – help books” and the response can be amazing! There are products and gurus to improve your relational, financially, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. All you have to do is buy their book or their program or their supplements or a ticket to their presentation!  All you have to do is to sign up – and pay – for a few lessons!

But this advice is different. It comes from Jesus and it is offered free of charge.  Jesus said, “I have come that they (that YOU!!) might have life - and have it to the full.” Jesus came so we could have the best life possible –yes, certainly forever with Him face to face in heaven - but also every day here and now. And in these next few weeks we are going to look at one change that He would empower us to make that will make our whole life better!

So, how is life working for you? Could it be better? Are you stuck? Are you willing to listen to what Jesus has to say? After all, you don’t have to buy a ticket or a book or other products….and this in itself would seem to make it different from all the others, some of which you may have tried. So, what do you have to lose? We’re even going to GIVE you something; a FREE book with the deal! So why not give it a try?

Saturday, Sep. 9th and Sunday, Sept. 10th Leaving the Anger Behind (The Better Way)


Ok. Be honest now. What gets you offended? How about when another driver does something down right inconsiderate – or even stupid?  How about when things don’t go your way at work or school or on vacation? Or maybe when the mechanic doesn’t get your car fixed?  Or maybe when your spouse does that thing again?..or maybe when your children do what they do?  Or maybe because of all the stuff that is just NOT RIGHT everywhere you look? So, given all this, how often do you have an attitude of offense? Did you know when you look up the word, “offended” in a dictionary, it will invariably use words like “anger” or “resentment” in it’s definition? So, let me ask another question. How often do you have an attitude of anger? …And how’s that working for you? Today, Jesus gives us a better way to live.

Saturday, Sep. 16th and Sunday, Sept. 17th Living in “Beautiful Expectation” (Gratitude vs. Anger)


When Sarah, our oldest, began to crawl, we immediately moved the things we had on shelves on all the furniture in the house up a little higher…and then a little higher…and then a little higher. We also put those plugs in the electrical outlets and those baby locks on the cabinet doors. Why? We knew what kids do. It’s just who they are. But what we had to get used to was seeing all the amazing things she did day after day. And we were thankful. Today, Jesus would change the way we see things, empowering us to live in gratitude – in “Beautiful Expectation” – instead of anger. It really is a better way to live.

Sat, Sept. 23rd and Sun, Sept.24th         Living in Grace: Received And Given (“Being” vs. “Having To Do”)


In the home I grew up in, we always helped with everything. Yardwork. Dishes. Clothes. Housework. It didn’t matter. We always did it together. But I remember, as the years went by and Jane and I would come home for a visit, how I would jump up after dinner to do the dishes and mom just said, “Just leave them. Let’s go sit in the patio and talk.” There is a difference between “being” and “having to do.” It’s called grace. It is a better way to live. Interested?

Living in True Relationship (Self-Righteousness vs Peace)
Sat, Sep. 30th and Sun, Oct 1st


“I can relate.” Have you ever heard this phrase? Have you ever said it? When you think about it, the one place we can all relate is in the things that don’t seem to go right…in our common brokenness. In fact, is it not when we self-righteously deny our brokenness – or at least say and believe that we are better than the other guy -  that we lose relationship? What is the conversation stopper – to connect with others in brokenness or to communicate that “this brokenness” has never touched you? Self – righteousness as one compares themselves to another is a relationship killer. Refusing to be offended by others is a powerful door-opener to actual relationships. Only when one is at peace with themselves and who they are can there be true relationship. This is the gift of Jesus to you today. Interested?

Sat, Oct. 7th and Sun, Oct.8th            Injustice: We Have to Do Something! (Anger vs. Action)


I was talking with a friend of mine a couple of years ago concerning the death of his father. It was during WWII. His father was not in the military because he worked on the farm. One day his father suffered an appendicitis attack. They took him to the one hospital that was near them, but it was now on an Army Base which was on a routine lockdown. They refused to allow his father on the base. By the time they did, his appendix had burst and the ensuing infection killed him. There are many things in our world that are just wrong – things that need to be changed and that cause us to be angry - but what should be our reaction? Should we “fly off the handle” in anger or look to respond in action?...or is this a false dichotomy? Today, Jesus would guide us in the better – the best - way to live!

Sat, Oct 14th and Sun, Oct. 15th Living Healthy- Just Chill Out! (Fear vs. Trust)


Vitamins. Supplements. Protein powder. Regimens. New diets. It seems everyone has an idea about healthy living. Today, Jesus would show us what it means to live healthy –in trust, not fear. Interested?



Sat, Oct. 21st and Sun, Oct. 22nd Living in The Bottom Line: Grace (Power vs. Weakness)


So, bottom line, where is the place of power when it comes to living our lives – and what is the place of weakness? And how do these flesh out in our lives? The bottom line is grace. In grace is power to live a better –the best - way. Today, we explore what this means and what it looks like with Jesus as our guide. For He came so we could have life more abundantly!