The Celebration Continues


Memorial Day. The 4th of July. President’s Day. Birthdays.  Anniversaries. Special days of remembrance and celebration are powerful in our lives. They remind us and renew in us powerful things. In the Old Testament, God set up certain Festival Celebration times of worship on which His people were to remember and be renewed in the powerful, saving acts of their loving God. These reminded them and by the power of the Holy Spirit renewed in them who they were, who their God was, and what they were to be about. Do you ever need this?

In the same spirit, the early New Testament people of God also set aside special days of worship to remember and be renewed in the acts of God for them in the Resurrected One…to remember who they were, who their God was, and what they were to be about. The following Sundays are the celebrations of three such days.

Note: While Ascension Day is on May 5th as well as Pentecost and Trinity Sundays falling on May 15th and May 22nd respectively, we will celebrate them on the following three Sundays.


Sunday, May 8th     In the Brokenness, Love Reigns        Mother’s Day

When Jane was pregnant with our first child, we had some very close friends who were also pregnant with their first child. Our due dates were so close together that we were in the hospital at the same time having our babies. What joy we had as we greeted our first born – a healthy baby girl! Our friends also had great joy as they greeted their first child…but it was mixed with sorrow and concern as their baby had a number of special needs that would last a lifetime. Today, we celebrate mothers, a gift of God’s love to us! But in those places of our brokenness where this celebration brings sorrow, the pain of loss, and perhaps even tears - or even a bad conscience - God would touch us anew with Christ’s love that has overcome all brokenness and made us family in Him! Let’s celebrate!

Sunday, May 15th      Where do We fit in?.. Bringing the Now Into Focus        Ascension Day

Have you ever seen one of those “Where’s Waldo?” children’s books? Every page is completely filled with all kinds of different things, but somewhere on that page, camouflaged and hidden, is Waldo. You just have to find him. Do you ever feel like your hunting for Waldo as you are trying to figure out where you “fit in” to things? Today, God brings everything into focus and with it, He reveals our place in it all. Let’s celebrate!


Sunday, May 22nd    Wind and Fire; Power to Live In!     The Day of Pentecost

“I’m tired.” “Worn out.” “Done.”  When is the last time you have said this?...or thought it? The followers of Jesus were told to wait for power from on high. It came in the form of wind and fire, like the roaring and power of a spreading brush fire….and it has never left us. Where are you weary? Tired? Worn out? Done? Where do you need to remember and be renewed in God’s power for you? Today is for you! Let’s celebrate!


Sunday, May 29th   The Gift of Certainty  Trinity Sunday

Have you ever tried to decide which restaurant to go to when neither one of you really cared and you both have problems making decisions? It is hard - even frustrating - to live in uncertainty. A couple of weeks ago, I saw the advertisement for a Television show where the host traveled the world exploring how humanity connected with God, kind of throwing them all “into the same pot.” Tell me, do you think they could all be right even if some were as diametrically as opposite as black and white? Today, God would give us the certainty of knowing who He is and what this means for us, no question about it. Where do you need this gift? Let’s celebrate!