Worship in November

Worship in November

Sunday, November 6th      “Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music!”  (All Saints Day Celebration!) 

We are family in Jesus. While God, the Holy Spirit, invites and gives us a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the gift of faith, it is never only just “Jesus and me.” Rather, we are part of the family of God! This is what the church is- the people who believe in Jesus and therefore are brothers and sisters (family!) in Him! This, really, is what we celebrate today. The word “saint” means “holy one” – and that is what each one of us is declared to be through faith in Jesus Christ. We are the family of saints! Today, we give thanks to God for our family; Those saints who have gone before us who were faithful so that we might know Jesus. Those saints around us –our living family in this place -  who walk beside us in life and mission. And finally all of ussaints as we catch the vision of heaven when we will all be together with Jesus forever! Celebrate! Dance to the music, as today our focus and worship is led by Deacon Rich Toms. May God, the Holy Spirit, richly bless and empower him today as he serves us! And no, you won’t want to miss this celebration! 

Sunday, November 13th        Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs 

Do you remember this song? To me, it kind of explores the idea that while you can have a sign that tells you to do something, you can also have a sign that points you to know a particular reality. This is how God talks about the signs he gives us in His Word, the Bible. Today, we look at the signs that Jesus gives us concerning the “end of the age.”  Pastor Hank Scherer will lead our worship and what they are to mean for us in our lives until That Day. Interested? Don’t miss it! 

Sunday, November 20th     Jesus Christ is Lord and King!   (Christ the King Sunday!)  

Jane and I had three children, each of them two years apart with two of them being boys. It goes without saying that at times it was crazy - with some maybe even saying it was a "nut house!" But in trying to balance understanding, love, and control, I would say to Jane, "I don't mind a 'nuthouse,' I just need to be in charge of it!" Jesus Christ is Lord and king! He is in charge...always. He is the King! On this Sunday we welcome Pastor Mike Lange, the Mission Executive of the CNH District as we celebrate that Jesus is King and what this means for us. Mike will share with us what we are doing together in the CNH District as we partner with our King and Savior, Jesus, in His ongoing mission in this world He created and came to save! You really do not want to miss this as we rejoice in Jesus, our King, but also in the wonderful opportunities we have as together we work in service with our King! 

Wednesday November 23  Don't be a Turkey  Thanksgiving Worship