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Dear Family of Jesus here at St. Matthew,

In his recent letter to all of us, Pastor Brad asked us to imagine with him, to envision how being in a larger space would enhance our ministry and outreach. Human nature being what it is, we’re likely to imagine that if St. Matthew moves to the new building we’ll simply keep on doing what we’re doing now, only bigger and better.

But remember the Isaiah Bible verse Pastor quoted?

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

A new thing. A NEW thing! Who can say how God will use us in new ways, to reach new people we haven’t met yet?

That doesn’t mean “out with the old,” but rather, that we build on what we’re already doing, all the ways we minister to those around us. Always, God will empower us as we seek His wisdom. Always, we will thank God and give Him the glory and praise.

All along, God has blessed St. Matthew with leaders who have found creative ways to work within
the space available to them; but do they have dreams of how they could branch out within the new, larger space? Oh, yes!

Let’s picture with them how St. Matthew can continue reaching out to our community to invite
those who don’t know Jesus and how St. Matthew can continue serving those who are already here…


The biggest space challenges facing the choir right now has to do with storage, warm up and rehearsal space. The robes and music are currently stored in a very small room which is utilized by
our Sunday morning Bible study. This causes a significant traffic jam, sometimes being completely
inaccessible. If we had a dedicated space, we would no longer take space and time from other vital ministries.

We would have more time to spend growing our ministry in new and creative ways: hand bells,
chimes, youth choirs, and more!

We would have more time to spend reaching out with our ministry to include more musicians and enhance the worship experience.

Regardless of the space or location we meet, it’s us, the people of St. Matthew who inspire others
to join us on our mission, and this new place will provide more space to share God’s Grace!


I’m excited about the possibilities a larger campus could provide for our worship experience at St Matthew! The new space would provide an area large enough for dancers, drama productions, choir presentations, children’s choir performances, the praise band, orchestras, and other forms of artistic expression, while minimizing the need to move things around during worship time.

It would also provide more room to include a range of musical styles in one service for special
mid-week worship services during Advent and Lent, or perhaps a large Easter or Christmas presentation.

The new location would provide for larger dedicated spaces for all the worship support ministries,
like the Altar Guild, the sound and visual arts technicians, the choir, the praise band, ushers, and
the prayer stations.


With a designated space for nursery, we would ensure a couple things. First, with a room separated from the sanctuary with one main entry point, this would help our staff ensure safety in the space. Second, without having to share the space with other church activities, it would ensure the room
is more child safe and cleaner.

Currently on a Sunday morning, we have a dozen or more little ones in the room ranging in age from infants to 3 years old. With more space, we could have better designated spaces for different age groups… When you get a dozen little ones in our room right now it starts to get cramped and chaotic, as three year olds are much more “on the go” and active than infants.


With more space, we could allow more moms to join us for MOPS and have greater outreach for this important ministry.

There is such limited space to put the kids to be cared for by our wonderful volunteers. It’s such a blessing to have so many kids/moms but we had to get very creative as to where to put them all and had to think twice about allowing new kids/moms to join us part way through the semester.

With more space we could allow more Moms to join us for MOPS and have greater outreach for this important ministry.


A larger building with the necessary resources to accommodate our entire church body gives everyone the opportunity to grow.

Currently, due to our overcrowding, we only have one very small room available during the 9:30 hour on Sunday mornings to gather for Bible study. This room seats a maximum of 15 people comfortably which, as you can imagine, has been a big hindrance for attendance.

If we had more and larger classrooms I believe we could provide numerous opportunities for Bible study and discipleship in these ‘prime time’ hours when people are already here on our campus for worship.

Not only could we accommodate more people per class, but we would offer more options for
different topics and studies. Jesus calls us to walk with him and be connected to The Word.


Our Sunday morning Coffee hour is one of the biggest ways we connect and fellowship with one another. As you have probably noticed, our parking lot and lobby are crowded. Often, between services our time to connect with each other is short and we all feel rushed. The exciting thing about our proposed new space is that it would enable us to meet the “connecting needs” of today as well as provide space for the “connecting needs” of tomorrow!


I would say the biggest limitation to our ministry with regards to space is coordinating programs around worship services. On Sunday mornings our 5th/6th grade Bible study bounces around to wherever we can find a quiet corner — either outside, in pastor’s office or our admin’s desk. During Lent and Advent (about 1/3 of the school year), our Wednesday night youth programs don’t have the necessary space to gather.

Our lack of space, place and time is a big hurdle for giving students the place to feel a sense of belonging. And as a result, we struggle to give them the focus to grow in their faith & with one another.

So, if we could offer larger dedicated gathering areas to be active & rowdy as well as smaller, distraction-free classrooms for teaching & mentoring it would be a huge step forward for us. children, tweens, teens, youth, young adults… They all have countless learning styles and a huge range of developmental needs. It’s one simple Gospel message, but it comes in all shapes and sizes
of packaging for the learner.

The additional space, designed with this goal in mind, would be an amazing tool for sharing the Gospel and raising up disciples into future generations.


Children’s Church battles with space every week. There are so many opportunities we could have if we had adequate space for all of our kids.

More space would mean we could separate children by more appropriate age groupings, we could have rooms and an environment that encourage learning and growth yet be fun and inviting.

Our Family events throughout the year have had to change because of space as well. We can’t give the same quality event in a safe and effective manner without the space to have it in. Room availability, size and location hinder all our family programs and only having two bathrooms for 300-500 people has become a major road block as well.

With more space, we can take programs that we love and that reach out to our community. They can be superior quality programs with space and room to grow, and even have the opportunity for more family events.

It’s exciting to be part of a vibrant, growing congregation — praise God for bringing us together! Christ has equipped so many members and ministry leaders at St. Matthew with a heart for serving others and this passion is part of what makes St. Matthew so warm and welcoming.

It can be easy to think of ministry as Sunday morning worship where we all gather to sing and hear God’s Word. Ministry and mission are so much more! The Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” God has blessed St. Matthew with many members who faithfully serve the Lord — and us — in countless ways.

As we prayerfully consider the recommendation before us, and reflect on how the congregation of St. Matthew was founded on Jesus’ words to “Go and tell… Go and make disciples… Baptize… Go and teach…”, we can be confident of one thing — His mission has not changed, and it will not change.

The question presently before us then is, “How and what will best enable us to carry out His mission?”
God has planted people all around us who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior — and the population of those seeking answers is growing. Many of our neighbors do not know that Jesus loved them enough to die on the cross in their place, to set them right with God the Father. They have only their own strength with which to deal with life and don’t yet know that the Lord is our strength, our defense and our salvation.

As we continue reaching out to our community to join Jesus on His mission — as He leads us forward — we are blessed to be able to Share Life, Create Friendships, and Inspire Hope in the love that we know in Jesus!

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