Frequently Asked Questions

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THE GOVERNING BOARD has been gathering the questions members have asked during the
information meetings and those sent to the Governing Board email address. While there are a lot of questions to read, the Governing Board felt it was important to provide as much information as possible to every member and we realize not everyone has been able to attend every meeting.

You’ll find questions and concerns that have been presented to us over the past several weeks. We’ve endeavored to answer the questions but if you are still uncertain about any particular information, please let a Governing Board member know and we will do our best to answer your question.


St . Matthew Lutheran Church Space Needs


Q.1 What is the size of our current building?

Our current building is 10,795 square feet. This is less than the 13,000 square feet that has been mentioned in prior communications. We recently discovered this difference as we looked at the as built drawings and confirmed the building size with what the City of Rocklin has on file.

Q.2 When we purchased our current property and built the Phase 1 building, there were plans for a second phase by the architect that designed our current building. Why aren’t we considering that building plan?

That design was a simple sketch completed years ago without being able to know what the current ministry needs and opportunities are at St. Matthew. That plan was evaluated by the Space Committee and was determined to be inadequate to meet our needs today and in the future.

Q.3 In 2013 the City of Rocklin approved a site plan and the congregation voted to approve
those plans for a new building designed by Building God’s Way (BGW.) Howeverthe congregation did not approve a capital campaign to raise the necessary funding. Why is it necessary to rescind the motion now?

St. Matthew follows Roberts Rules of Order at our Voters Assembly meetings. Roberts Rules of Order specifies that if a previously approved motion is not to be acted on, it needs to be rescinded before a different motion can be approved.

Because the congregation approved the conceptual drawings by BGW that is the only option that can be undertaken until such time as that motion is rescinded by the congregation.

The Governing Board recommends voting yes to rescind the motion which will allow the congregation to proceed in whatever manner it feels appropriate now or in the future.
A no vote would mean that the only course of action would be to construct a new building on our current site as designed by BGW.

Q.4 What building plans did the board consider before making the recommendation to
buy the building on Placer Corporate Drive?

We examined several options to add a new building at our current location. Our 3.2-acre site would allow us to build up to a new single-story 21,000 sq. ft. building alongside the building we use today. We could also construct a multi-story building though the costs would be higher and would require going through the approval process with the City of Rocklin again.

The BGW design from 2013 featured a 465-seat sanctuary, new bathrooms, children and youth areas, multi-use classrooms, and a large 3rd space (fellowship area). It also included building a new parking area along West Oaks Blvd to connect to the parking lot at the adjacent park on land owned by the City of Rocklin. The plans included remodeling portions of our current building.

We explored constructing the shell of the building designed by BGW which would allow partial completion now of classrooms and a larger 3rd space area with the flexibility of completing the remaining portion at a later date. However, that did not provide a significant financial benefit. (See picture below)


Another option considered was to build a 21,000 sq. ft. addition with a multi-use gymnasium, locker rooms, children and youth areas, and a large 3rd space. This included stretching our current sanctuary into the fellowship hall and putting the altar on the side with seats in a semi-circle (to ensure everyone would be close to the altar) and remodeling the office area per the BGW design. This would increase the seating in the sanctuary to 460 seats. It would be consistent with the approved site plan and would include building a new parking area which would connect to the adjacent park on land owned by the City of Rocklin. (See picture below)


Construction of a new building is estimated to cost $250 to $270 per square ft. This is at least $5.25M for a new 21,000 sq. ft. building.

If we were to construct a building on our current property it would be at least 18-24 months before we would be able to use the new building.


Q.5 What other options were considered?

There were several other options the Space Committee explored.

  1. Doing nothing and continuing on as we do today.
  2. Remodeling Pastor’s office, Matt & Melissa’s office and Becca’s administration area
  3. Remodeling and expanding our current sanctuary (as shown above) and constructing an annex building with new 3rd space and classrooms
  4. Construction of a building that could be used by the community during the week to help defray our mortgage cost (e.g., day care center, charter school). For example, some months ago a home school group approached us, wanting to lease space on weekdays, but we did not have adequate facilities to meet their need.
  5. Leasing space at an alternate location for specific ministries (e.g., classrooms, Bible study)
  6. Leasing a building at another location and selling our current property
  7. Purchasing a church property for sale in Roseville
  8. Purchasing land and constructing a new building
  9. Purchasing a building, modifying it to suit our needs and selling our existing property
  10. Planting a new church and leaving our existing property as-is
  11. The committee also looked at ways to provide an income stream by partnering with other agencies or businesses (e.g., Veteran’s groups, Alzheimer day care, government grants).
  12. Putting temporary structures on our current site as offices and classrooms was not considered because the City of Rocklin rejected that proposal twice before and because it would not increase the size of the sanctuary.

Q.6 Why can’t we simply remove the sidewalls dividing the sanctuary from the adjacent
halls and rooms to increase the capacity of the sanctuary?

The side walls are load bearing walls meaning they cannot be moved. They support the entire building.

Increasing the size of the sanctuary alone does not address the lack of space that is limiting all our other ministry needs.

Q.7 Why do we need to find additional space for St. Matthew?
We do not have enough space for our present ministry and it severely limits future ministry growth.

Prevailing advice is that churches should not build if they can remodel their current building or add worship services to accommodate growing membership. We have already added a 4th worship service and have previously remodeled our building to find more room within our existing footprint.

There is not enough class room space, especially on Sunday morning, but also for weekday classes and meetings. For example,

  • The Choir does not have a room to dress in their robes and warm up prior to the 11:00 AM service on Sunday because all the rooms are being used so they end up next to the copier in the office area.
  • Adult Bible study members meet in a tiny room at the 9:30 AM service, which severely limits how many people can attend.
  • There are no rooms dedicated for children and middle school which necessitates continually setting up and breaking down the rooms so they can be used for other groups.
  • We have NO place or space for high school ministry on Sunday mornings. They meet outside when the weather allows but that doesn’t always work.
  • We do not have enough rooms to accommodate the various age groups during children’s church.With new space we would be able to teach children in age appropriate groups.
  • Our bathrooms are undersized and need updating to meet ADA requirements.
  • Parking is a challenge, especially for people that need access to disabled spaces.

Q.8 In looking at the weekly attendance chart included with the Governing Board’s recommendation in Week 1, I don’t see much growth in the number of people worshiping each Sunday. What has our growth in attendance been and why do we need more space?
St. Matthew has shown continued growth in membership and in average weekly attendance in the last 12 years:

  • Attendance increase since 2006: 155%
  • Attendance increase since 2009: 62%
  • Attendance increase since 2016: 32%
    • Average in 2009: 260
    • Average in 2016: 389
    • Average in 2018: 456

The weekly attendance chart did not adequately portray the impact a lack of space has had at St. Matthew. We collected the attendance and membership data reported to the District since 2009 which is the first full year we were in our current building.

As you can see in this chart, our attendance and membership grew rapidly from 2009 to 2013 then leveled off from 2014 to 2016. (See chart below)

Attendance and membership took a large jump in 2017. This was when we began Saturday afternoon worship which relieved some of the pressure of crowding during Sunday morning worship.


The weekly attendance chart has a story to tell.

Professionals who study optimum attendance have found that when people walk in to a space that is more than 75% full, they consider it difficult to find a place to sit.

  • Right here at St. Matthew we have seen families turn around and walk out of the sanctuary because they feel there is no comfortable space for them inside. This is contrary to who we say we want to be— a warm and welcoming congregation that wants visitors to feel welcome and encouraged to join us.

The picture below is an illustration of the sanctuary being 75% full. Imagine yourself walking in to
St. Matthew to attend worship. You may have your family with you, three or four children and/or teens. Picture the scene: The congregation is standing and singing. You cannot see more than a couple of rows in front of you, yet you’re trying to find enough empty chairs, so your family can sit together. As a visitor with or without a family, how comfortable would you feel walking up the aisle trying to spot empty chairs?

So even though you may see some empty seats around you during worship, many times it is not easy for couples or families to find a place to sit together when the sanctuary becomes 70% full or more.


In recent years we have expanded our worship times from two to three to four worship services as God has brought new members to St. Matthew. To add more times for worship is not sustainable. We already are placing a burden on our worship teams—and our pastor—to handle four services in a weekend.

Each time we’ve added a new worship time—which adds more available seating—we have seen our
attendance numbers climb. We need a new solution now to increase seating in the sanctuary so that we can continue to do what St. Matthew does so well, which is invite friends and neighbors to worship with us.

St. Matthew is blessed to be located in a fast-growing and affluent area, which attracts a steady stream of new residents.

  • n Many new home, apartment, and senior living facilities are being developed and built in Rocklin and the adjacent cities of Roseville and Lincoln.
  • n Low crime, less traffic and more reasonable home prices compared to other cities in the greater Bay Area, great weather, and good schools are some of the many things that attract people to our area.
  • n All these are plus factors, but let’s never forget the bottom-line reason St. Matthew keeps growing: The Holy Spirit draws people and opens their hearts to hear the Good News of salvation by grace alone, through Jesus Christ alone.

Q.9 Why is the Governing Board recommending we purchase the building on Placer
Corporate Drive?

The Governing Board believes this building provides a very cost-effective solution to add more space for the St. Matthew ministry and mission:

  • This building provides 62,778 sq. ft. for a purchase price of $6.3M. This equates to $100 per square foot, which is much more economical than the cost to construct a new building for $250 per square foot.
  • There is an income stream of $23,000 per month through 2024 from a lease signed by a current tenant. The lease has incremental increases through 2024 so the income would grow each year.
    • If St. Matthew decided to utilize this space at the end of the lease we would have an additional 26,017 square feet of space to use for our ministry and mission. Or, we could choose to extend the lease and continue to receive the income until such time we decided we need the additional space.
    • This income stream greatly reduces the amount of capital needed to purchase this building.
  • The 62,778 sq. ft. at the new building is larger than we could ever have from building on our current property. The greatest amount of space we could have on Lonetree is 32,000 sq. ft.
  • The 2 suites we would initially move in to are occupied by Granite Bay Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church and the Eleven-One church.
    • The suite occupied by SDA has a 600-seat sanctuary while the Eleven-One suite sanctuary could seat more than 200.
    • There is a large lobby and fellowship area that would allow us to continue our tradition of having a third space to visit with each other before and after worship.
    • There are an abundant number of classrooms and large rooms for youth to gather together during worship times and throughout the week.
  • This building is surrounded by ample parking, allowing us to greatly increase parking spaces and access for disabled persons. We would own more than 370 parking spaces and would be able to dedicate as many spaces as we wish to disabled parking.
  • The building is located close to Highway 65, which provides easy access off Sunset Avenue.
  • The property is part of the master planned Sunset Area Growth Corridor which will bring many new businesses and homes to the area. It is near the planned Placer Corporate Parkway which will connect Hwy 65 to Hwy 99.

Q.10 Why is the Governing Board also recommending we sell our current property on
Lonetree Blvd?

The Governing Board recognizes that one of St. Matthew’s great strengths is our multi-generational
blending and family community. Having two buildings a few miles apart would not foster our oneness.

Initially we would occupy 36,700 sq. ft. in the new building. We would not need the additional space of our current site at that point in time.

Selling our current property will remove our existing mortgage obligation and the proceeds of the sale can be applied as a down payment to the purchase price of the new building.

The Governing Board rejoices that the Lord has used the talents and gifts of members who had the vision and dedicated their time and resources to purchase the land, construct the building on Lonetree Blvd where we currently worship and invite their friends and neighbors to worship with us. God multiplied these gifts and brought more and more people to join us which in turn has created our need for more space to continue growing His kingdom.

Q.11 Why is the Governing Board moving so quickly on this idea of pur chasing the building on Placer Corporate Drive?

Our Governing Board believes the Lord has opened a door for this opportunity and we should carefully consider it as a congregation.

This property offers the best opportunity to be faithful, wise Christian stewards effectively using the
resources of God’s people to carry out the mission Jesus gave His followers—each of us!—to go and tell and teach and make disciples.

This opportunity could be lost tomorrow if the building were sold to someone else. This is a unique, nearby opportunity and is especially favorable because of the long-term tenant leasing a portion of the building.

Granite Bay Seventh Day Adventists is giving St. Matthew time to communicate information to our
congregation and vote on whether we want to purchase this building. However, they need an answer by the end of July so they know whether or not to accept offers from other buyers who may be interested in purchasing the building.


Q.12 What is the balance and monthly payment on our current mortgage?

Our current loan balance is approximately $1.3M and our mortgage payment is $10,500 per month.

Q.13 What would it cost to build a new 21,000 sq. ft. building on our current site?

A minimum estimate is $250 per square foot which equates to approximately $5,300,000 ($5.3M).

The additional parking area would cost $200,000 - $260,000 and would be built on land owned by the City of Rocklin. This amount was not included in the monthly payment example shown in the Week Two brochure.

  • The City of Rocklin has proposed a five-year term for St. Matthew to be able to use the parking lot with an option to extend the agreement for another five years.

Based on previous projections, remodeling the current building would cost $500,000 to $1.0M.

Altogether, this would bring our total cost for the new building, including our current loan, to $7.2M to $7.7M.

Q.14 How large of a capital campaign would be required to construct a building on our
current property on Lonetree Blvd?

The size of a capital campaign would depend upon how large a monthly payment the congregation
would be willing to take on. A larger monthly payment would mean less funds for ministry and mission.

For example, suppose the congregation decided to double our monthly payment to $20,000/mo. We would need to raise $5,000,000 to cover the cost of construction for a new building, remodeling our current building and refinancing our current loan to attain that payment.


Q.15 How much will the building located at 3785 Placer Corporate Drive cost?

  • The price of the building would be $6.3M
  • The building is 62,778 square feet
  • The building is located on approximately 5.6 acres of land
  • The cost per square foot is $100 compared to $250 per square foot for new construction

Q.16 What is the portion of the business park that St. Matthew would own?


The area enclosed by the blue line in the picture to the left is the portion that St. Matthew would own with the address being 3785 Placer Corporate Drive.

The other building shown is owned by JLM Energy and the address is 3735 Placer Corporate Drive.

The empty lot is approximately 1.3 acres. JLM Energy holds an option to purchase the lot.



Q.17 What are the best terms we could get on a new loan?

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is offering an interest only bridge loan at 4% interest for three years.

Once we sell our current property the loan will convert to a 20-year fixed interest loan at the current rate. As an example, with a 4% standard loan the monthly payment (principle and interest) is about $6,060 per $M (million), per month.

Q.18 Has Lutheran Church Extension Fund issued a pre-qualification letter to St. Matthew for the amount of the loan?

Yes, LCEF has issued a pre-qualification letter to purchase the building located at 3785 Placer Corporate Drive in the amount of $6.2M.
LCEF is very excited to partner with St. Matthew on this project. When we first learned of the building for sale and reached out to LCEF they brought people from San Francisco, St. Louis and Mission Viejo to view the property and meet with Governing Board members.

Q.19 What are the closing costs and fees for the new loan?

The amounts for prepaid interest and prepaid insurance are unknown at this time

The loan fee from LCEF is $10,000

LCEF will offer discounts and rebates to St. Matthew if we meet a certain number of investors

St. Matthew currently has 17 investors with LCEF. If our percentage of investors reaches 7.5% LCEF would reduce the loan origination fee to less than $10,000.

If St. Matthew added additional investors we would be eligible for the annual Shared Blessings rebates. Estimates are shown in the table below:


A St. Matthew member can become a new investor by signing up a child under the age of 18 for a $25 savings account that earns 3.5% interest or,
An adult couple would count as 2 new investors if they opened a joint account for as little as $100 with an interest rate of 0.75%. If the level of investment was $500 or greater in a new account, the interest rate would be 3%.

Q.20 What would our new monthly mortgage payment be?

The table below illustrates what our monthly payment would be based on 20-year loan at an interest rate of 4%


The table below illustrates the net proceeds from selling our property at 5901 Lonetree Blvd with a selling price of $3.0M


The table below illustrates what our monthly payment would be with a 20-year loan at an interest rate of 4% after applying the net proceeds from selling our current property as a down payment.


The table below illustrates what our monthly payment would be with a 20-year loan at an interest rate of  4% including a budget of $1.0M for remodeling, improvements and furnishings.

The $11,239 total amount is different from what was presented in the Week Two brochure because it does not include the estimates we were using for management and maintenance fees. Those expenses were an estimate at the time but we now have a detailed comparison shown below in Question 22.


The example we have shown is based on the following:

  • LCEF will loan St. Matthew the funds necessary to purchase the property located at 3785 Placer Corporate Drive
  • The loan would be a 20-year fixed loan at a current interest rate of 4%
  • LCEF will extend a bridge loan to allow us time to sell our property at 5901 Lonetree Blvd. This would be an interest only loan for three years at an interest rate of 4%

The table below illustrates what our monthly payment would be with a three-year 4% interest only
bridge loan


Q.21 Won’t the interest rate for the loan be higher by the time we sell our property on Lonetree Blvd?
Yes, it is very likely that the interest rate will be higher.

Here are some examples of how the monthly payment would differ depending on what the current
interest rate would be when we transitioned from the bridge loan:
$38,178 @ 4.00%
$39,012 @ 4.25%
$39,857 @ 4.50%

Q.22 What will the costs of maintenance, association dues, taxes, etc. for the new building
on Placer Corporate Drive be and how will we afford to pay those?

The chart below illustrates the Common Area Maintenance Fees for the Placer Corporate Drive Business Park. These fees are split between the 2 buildings that occupy the business park.

  • 3785 Placer Corporate Drive is the building SMLC would own and is 60.88% of the total square footage
  • n 3735 Placer Corporate Drive is the building owned by JLM Energy and is 39.12% of the total square footage

The table on the following page illustrates the breakout of the Common Area Maintenance fees between the portion St. Matthew would own and the portion that the Public Defender leases and is obligated to pay as part of their NNN (triple net) lease.

  • The following table includes the amount St. Matthew currently pays for our property at 5901 Lonetree Blvd as a comparison

Q.23 What expenses would St. Matthew incur from having a tenant paying a lease?

The current tenant has a Triple Net Lease which means they are responsible for their share of taxes,
insurance, and maintenance apportioned by the area that they lease. This is stipulated in the lease that they signed.

There would be potential costs if the tenant decided not to renew the lease at the end of the term
which is in 2024.

  • New tenant improvements would need to be included in a reserve fund as a portion of our annual budget to cover these costs when a new tenant would sign a lease and move in to the building.

Q.24 What is the projection for tenant vacancy?

We would have one tenant, the Placer County Public Defender, who has a signed lease through 2024.

If the Public Defenders contract with Placer County is terminated, and by providing three month’s written notice, they have the option to terminate the lease effective July 1, 2020 and July 1, 2022.

The Public Defender has inquired about extending the current lease to go beyond 2024 though we have not had discussions with him about doing so at this point.

Q.25 What happens if the tenant defaults on the lease?

If this were to happen St. Matthew would have a couple of options. We would either need to find another tenant to lease the space, or, if we felt we could use the additional space at that point in time we could occupy the entire building.

The table below illustrates what our monthly payment would be if there were no tenant leasing the space currently occupied by the Public Defender.


Q.26 Why are the costs of building so much more than buying?

The Placer Corporate Dr building was constructed in 2005 and costs have increased since that time.
Also, the design of this type of building is more cost-effective to build.

Q.27 What condition is the building in? How would we pay to fix the roof for instance?

The building inspection that was just completed shows that the overall condition of the building is excellent. The current owner of the building replaced the entire roof in 2017 and there is a 15-year manufacturer warranty and a two-year contractor warranty.

There were minor issues that were found during the inspection and we are working with the owner of the building to either fix the issues or set aside money in escrow to fund the repairs.


Q.28 If we move to the new building on Placer Corporate Dr will we become just like all the
other big churches with rock bands and light shows?

St. Matthew is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation and we will keep our distinct identity and our mission to Share Life, Create Friendships and Inspire Hope through our Up, In and Out discipleship process.

We will still be the same people worshiping in the same way.

We will maintain the unique character of our worship services, which will still include our inspiring,
classic organ-led worship and our inspirational band-led worship.

It’s the people of St. Matthew that inspire others to join us in our mission and that is something we will intentionally endeavor to maintain wherever we are.

Q.29 How do we go from a church building to an industrial site?

We completely understand that leaving the current building comes with some emotion. It has served us well and done its job in helping us fulfill our ministry and mission in the years that we have been here.

While the new space may not look like a traditional church from the outside, St Matthew Lutheran Church is not our present building—nor any building. Together in faith we are the church, the people of God, the St Matthew family of Lutheran Christians, redeemed by grace through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

With this truth we must step out in faith by considering if our Lord is calling us to a less traditional
building for the sake of our mission, to make disciples. That is our guiding principal as we make this

Q.30 If we move, we won’t have a grassy area for activities anymore.

Yes, that’s true, although we also would lose the grassy area if we constructed a new building on our
current site.

Our Governing Board and church staff believe that we can utilize a portion of the parking lot for special activities, much as our local schools do when they have their carnivals.


We also intend to have a custom-designed interiorspace designed for children that affords greater
opportunity for recreation regardless of the outside
temperature or weather.

There is an option at the new property where we may be able to purchase an empty dirt lot on the
corner which is approximately 1.3 acres. JLM Energy currently has an option on this lot but if the
congregation decided to pursue purchasing this we could approach them and see if they would be open to selling it to us. (See picture to the left with arrows pointing to the empty lot)

Q.31 If we move, we won’t have access to the park anymore.

Correct, we will no longer be located directly next to the park.

Use of the park by our church members or staff is limited during much of the year when there is
inclement weather—cold, rainy and wet in the winter and hot in the summer.

For those times during the year when we would need space in a park we would be able to reserve one for special events like Eggstravaganza just as we have done in the past.

We have a greater need for children’s ministry space on the 52 Sundays of the year when we gather for worship than we do for events that only take place two to three times during the year.

Q.32 People know who we are because they drive by and see the green church. How will people find us if we’re in an industrial park?

We are investigating what kind of signs we can erect on the property and what we can do on the exterior of the building to advertise who we are.

Recent mail campaigns about our church special events, like Christmas and Easter, have been fairly
successful. We would continue that and increase communication about our church through various
marketing efforts.

It’s vital to remember that the number one way people know about St. Matthew is because we invite
others to join us and as long as we continue to do that people will continue to find us.

There is a large volume of drive-by traffic going to the Hardwood Palace and other indoor sports activity centers just south of that location off Industrial Ave.

This location did not hinder the rapid growth of Bridgeway Church that occupied the same space. They nearly quadrupled their attendance in five years. Then Granite Bay Seventh Day Adventist purchased the building and they found a need for more space since moving in.

Q.33 When Bridgeway owned the building on Placer Corporate Dr, I noticed that they did not have enough room for parking during worship services. How will it be any different when we are there?

When Bridgeway first occupied the building they had 400 regular attendees, so there was ample parking. By the time they decided to move they had grown to more than 1,500 regular attendees.

The building has six parking spaces per 1,000 sq. ft. which equals 378 parking spaces compared to 137 spaces at our current building on Lonetree Blvd. In addition, there is an agreement to use the spaces surrounding the other building located on the site if needed which increases the total parking to over 600 spaces.

With a 600-seat sanctuary, about 300 parking spots should be sufficient for everyone to find a spot even if the sanctuary were full. This provides many more parking spaces close to the building than we could have at our current site, even when adding the additional parking area the City of Rocklin would require.

Q.34 What kind of written promises about dedicated parking spaces already have been awarded to each tenant? How much will be left for St. Matthew to use?

The lease signed by the Public Defender allocates 104 unreserved vehicle parking spaces.

This leaves 274 parking spaces for use by St. Matthew.

Keep in mind that the Public Defender does not use the building on weekends or weeknights so
St. Matthew would have access to all 378 parking spaces during worship times.

Q.35 As a practical matter, how many of the parking spots during week days are used by the tenants in that other building? If we have a Wednesday afternoon event, will there be any parking available?

The owner of 3735 Placer Corporate Dr is JLM Energy. The primary use of the building is as a warehouse and there are a handful of cars parked in the lot during the day.

Q.36 How do we copy the “church feel” of our current space at a new building?

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, one can’t judge a building’s interior by its outside appearance. St. Matthew’s “church feel” comes not only from its design. It’s more about the joy of Jesus that shines forth in our worship services and in the smiles of God’s people here. Some call it the “church feel.” Others call it the “family feel.” Either way, this goes with us wherever we go because it is Jesus living within us.

Because we will have more space in a building with a bigger “shell” we will have an opportunity to design spaces that fit our ministry needs today. And the great news is there will be flexibility to adapt space inside the new building because of how it is constructed. So as our needs evolve in the future we will be able to change the interior of the building with far greater ease than what we’ve experienced in our current building.

Q.37 What is the benefit to those who have built St. Matthew’s congregation and its programs to their current state?

If we look at the “why” God gives us for making decisions this may be the wrong question. The “why” is always the mission of Christ and how we can better touch others with the Good News of Jesus. As Paul wrote, “I became all things to all people so that some might be saved.”

Those who have been used by God to partner with Jesus as He has built this congregation understand— indeed, have lived this truth—that we are called to make decisions based on the mission of Christ. We are sent not to be served but to serve just as Jesus came “not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” We are here for those who are not here yet!

Jesus talks in one parable about three stewards. The master entrusted them to manage his resources while he was gone. Two were faithful and put the amount they’d been given to work and earned interest. The master commended them. The third buried his share in the ground and did nothing with it. His master took the money from him and gave it to the man who had earned the most. “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.”

In the beginning of St. Matthew, members contributed from their hearts and raised many financial resources. Our faithful leaders invested it wisely. As God grew His kingdom among us and we needed more space, we drew on those resources to move to a strip mall and move again and finally, to purchase the Lonetree Blvd. property and build our present building. All along God blessed our efforts and grew His church.

The question before us is, “What next?” If we decide the space we are in is all we will ever need, it will be as if we hang a “No Vacancy” sign on our building. Or do we believe God is calling us to once again use the financial resources He has given us and move to a larger space so there’s room for the people God wants to bring to St. Matthew?

While we believe that every single person of St. Matthew will be blessed and will benefit by this move in the many ways we have spoken of, the greatest benefit/blessing is to partner and rejoice with Jesus as He grows His people through us!

Q.38 With Sun City Roseville, Sun City Lincoln Hills, and various assisted living facilities nearby, can the Governing Board honestly say they believe that seniors and those nearing retirement will dwindle to a small minority of our congregation?

Quite the opposite, the Governing Board fully expects our congregation to grow in this demographic as we continue to connect in powerful ways. This would include a space set aside for classic worship and space to create programs to connect with the unique needs of this community.

Presently, we have many in our midst who live in these communities and who wonderfully share the Gospel with their neighbors. Also, many of the new housing developments have an “in-law bungalow” side by side with a larger home.

Who we are now and the enhancement of this in the proposed new site - as we even more powerfully offer worship in two different styles, in many instances bridging the generations—would be a wonderful gift to this community.
One of the benefits of having a larger worship space is that we could combine the 8:00 am and 11:00 am worship services to one which would bring us closer together in fellowship.


Q.39 Will St. Matthew have a capital campaign to pay for the new building?

St. Matthew does not need to embark on a capital campaign in order to purchase the property on Placer Corporate Drive based on the projected purchase price and down payment from the net proceeds of selling our property on Lonetree Blvd

There has been money donated to the building fund for several years and that money would go towards the purchase of the new property.

There is also money in our reserve fund that is above the minimum amount required and the congregation could choose to use those excess funds for the new building.

The Governing Board encourages every member to consider donating to the building fund on a regular basis. Regardless of the outcome of the vote on July 28th, St. Matthew will need funds in the future to create more space or we could use the money to pay off our current loan.

If the congregation votes yes to purchase the building, we will form a Building Committee with a cross section of members to evaluate and suggest renovations to the space so it will best fit the ministry needs of St. Matthew. If the Building Committee and the congregation determine there are features or renovations that would require additional money, then we would need to decide as a congregation which of those ideas we would be willing to fund.

Q.40 Has the Governing Board considered the long term risk of adding millions of dollars in overall debt to the church?

This goes back to the central question of whether the congregation believes we need more space for ministry. If the answer to that question is yes, then there will be additional debt regardless of what option is chosen.

St. Matthew can either choose to pay off that debt by taking a loan and making monthly mortgage
payments, raising funds through a capital campaign or a combination of those options.

The need for space seems clear and has been discussed since 2011 when the Building Committee looked for options and presented the plans that were voted on in 2013. The Governing Board survey showed the number one need identified by the congregation was space. The Space Committee, Ministry Team Leaders, Staff and Governing Board all agree on the need for more space to support a growing ministry and mission.

The Governing Board recommendation to purchase the building on Placer Corporate Drive and sell our current property on Lonetree Blvd versus constructing a new building would lower the total amount of debt by $1.8M.

  • Construction of a 21,000 sq. ft. building and improvements/furnishings, plus our current loan would be approximately $7,450,000. This would bring the total size of the two buildings on Lonetree Blvd to 31,795 square feet.
  • Purchasing the Placer Corporate Drive building and applying the net proceeds from the sale of our Lonetree Blvd property would be approximately $5,650,000 and would give us 62,778 square feet of space.
  • $7,450,000 - $5,650,000 = $1,800,000

Q.41 Has the Governing Board been able to obtain advance commitments to provide
funding for a new building?

The Governing Board is exploring ways to encourage the generosity of our congregation. This includes providing more ways in which members and guests can give through their mobile device such as with a text message or banking apps such as Zelle.

  • Towards the end of August, we will begin working with Generis, a stewardship firm serving Christian churches on ways to grow generosity in our congregation.

The Capital Feasibility Committee being chaired by our Treasurer, Mike Benton, is interested in
discussing commitments to our existing building fund with anyone who feels they are being led to
make such a commitment.

Q.42 How will we pay for the improvements and remodeling needed at the new location?

The projected monthly mortgage example that was used in the Week Two brochure included $1.0M for these needs. That number could be greater or less depending on what features we would like in the new building and the amount our congregation would be willing to pay for a monthly mortgage.

Q.43 How will we afford to pay for additional staffing in the new building?

There is no plan, or need, to hire additional staff for the new building.

As the congregation continues to grow the need for additional staff will be evaluated and the Governing Board will make recommendations to the congregation to approve money in the budget to pay for additional staffing.

The Call Committee is continuing their work to evaluate candidates for the position of Executive Pastor— Discipleship that the congregation approved at the Voters Assembly in November 2017. Money was allocated in the 2018 budget for this addition and will be included in the 2019 budget that will be presented at the Voters Assembly in November when the congregation votes to approve the budget for next year.


Q.44 What would two worship spaces look like?

If the congregation approves the purchase, we will work with a company like Visioneering Studios to
develop architectural drawings of what the new space would look like.

Input from the congregation will be encouraged so we can incorporate the best ideas for using our new space to continue the ministry and mission God has in store for us.

One thought would be to enhance the worship space so we can best serve those who prefer traditional worship along with those who prefer band-led worship. This is one of the great strengths of our St. Matthew family and would allow us to continue reaching a broad cross section of our community.

  • One worship space would feel more like a traditional sanctuary, allowing ample room for the organ, piano and choirs.
  • The other worship space would allow ample room for the worship team members, the keyboard and any other instruments needed. It would also contain whatever other equipment and sound systems were required.

Q.45 Won’t we need more volunteers if we move in to a larger space?

It’s actually the opposite! With 4 worship services we need 60 volunteers every weekend to create the
worship experience we all enjoy.

With more room to accommodate more people in each worship service we would be able to combine the 8:00 am and 11:00 am services which would reduce the number of volunteers needed.

This would ease the load on our volunteers and staff and reduce the number of volunteers needed each weekend.

Q.46 What kind of advance planning have we done (e.g., 5-year plan, 10-year plan)?

St. Matthew elected leaders have been engaged in strategic planning for the past 4 years. It is an ongoing process, always with the same goal: to enable God to grow His kingdom among us.

Examples of what has been developed as part of the strategic planning include:

  • Our Up, In and Out discipleship process
  • Identifying the need to establish a new governance model and creating the Governing Board
  • The Invite, Connect, Apprentice and Send ministry teams

The Governing Board, and previously the Church Council, recognizes that as we plan we also need to stay flexible because it is God who gives the increase and He is not bound by our human plans.


Q.47 Won’t there be a problem with crime at the new location since it is in an industrial
area and with the people visiting the Public Defender’s office?

We have spoken with Bridgeway Church and Granite Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church and asked them about their experience when they were located on the property. Both churches have told us they have not had any concerns related to safety and security.
The crime reports for the past six months from Placer County and the City of Rocklin show the following statistics surrounding 3785 Placer Corporate Drive and 5901 Lonetree Blvd:


Q.48 If the new plan for the building passes we will lose members because this is all
focused on the 9:30am worship. Have you thought about this?

The Governing Board feels that one of the benefits of finding more space is the opportunity to combine the 8:00 am and 11:00 am classic worship services so rather than having to be split because there is not enough room in our current sanctuary to have one classic worship time, we can all worship together in one classical service again. This would also bring us closer to the band-led contemporary worship members by being able to have fellowship together between services.

The need for more space has been worked on for more than 7 years with multiple committees and
individuals searching for solutions. We are all impacted by the lack of space.

At each step in St. Matthew’s journey, a smaller congregation has sacrificed to provide more space for
future members. From 35 to 100 to 200 to over 700 baptized members, the St. Matthew family has always focused on creating a warm, welcoming environment for new visitors and members alike. Our Lord has blessed us with the talents and resources of members to join Jesus on His mission. As we continue to do so we need to solve our ongoing space issue so we have a place for ALL generations.

The Governing Board hopes that everyone would continue to be a member of St. Matthew and join us in the new building.

Q.49 Many cars drive by our building on Lonetree Blvd, how will anyone find us in the
industrial park area?

Many cars pass by the building on Placer Corporate Drive every day on their way to the youth sport activities at Hardwood Palace (basketball courts), Sky Zone (indoor trampoline), indoor batting cages, and on their way to the dump, the casino and all the other businesses located on Industrial Ave.

The recent survey completed by the Governing Board confirmed what many of us already know. The number one way people have found St. Matthew is because they were invited to join us for worship or an event.

Q.50 Has the Governing Board made a deposit on the 3785 Placer Corporate Drive property?

Yes, as we previously disclosed at the May Voters Assembly and at the information meetings where the question was asked we deposited $100,000 in escrow in order to take the property off the market so it could not be sold to another party.

This deposit is 100% refundable based on any number of contingencies that don’t meet our approval. One of the contingencies is voter approval on July 28, 2018.