Stand Up Placer Fundraiser

My name is Dana Heintz and I am a part of the SEND team at St. Matthew. The SEND team is continually looking for non-profit organizations that are providing services in Placer County that assist people in our communities, that are in need. We have identified Stand Up Placer as one of the organizations that we want to partner with because of the impact that they are making in our community. As a private non-profit organization, Stand Up Placer has served Placer County survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault since 1978 and are designated as one of ten agencies in California to provide services to survivors of human trafficking. As a non-profit 501(c)(3), all funds that are raised at their annual fundraiser will directly benefit the survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking here in our own community. Their annual fundraiser, Dancing with the Placer County Stars, is being held at Orchard Creek Lodge in Lincoln from 6 to 10pm on March 23rd, and promises to be a fun-filled evening with a plated dinner, dancing, live auction and of course, the Dancing with the Placer County Stars dance competition featuring our regional community leaders. I have been selected to be one of the dance competitors for this fundraiser, which means I have committed to raising $5,000 for Stand Up Placer.

The reason that I decided to apply to be one of their dance competitors is that I am a survivor of domestic violence. When I was healing from my experiences, I made a promise to God, that if he brought me through it all, I would pay it forward. I was one of the lucky ones, because I had family and friends, to support me and give me other options than staying in the situation. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have a support system and have no options, and rather than have their babies on the street with no food or shelter, they make the decision to continue to “live” in the situation. I am raising money for a Stand Up Placer who uses this money to help victims escape their situations. They only have 55 beds in their Safe House, and last year, had to turn away over 500 people in need. Although, they receive grant money, there are requirements for how they use that money. This fundraiser allows them to “think outside the box” and be able to purchase motel rooms to immediately remove them from the situation or bus passes to get victims to family who can help them. It allows them to be more effective in the ways that they can help these victims. I am dancing not only to raise money, but to celebrate that I am here and raising sons who will break the cycle of violence.

If you would like to donate, buy tickets or be a sponsor for the event, you can go to the link on the Church’s webpage, that will allow you to do all of those things. I appreciate your support as do all of the victims dealing with this malady in our society.

Thank you!